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adapt to your style and the makeup

The darker lip tones charge all the limelight from now on, including black, as we have seen in celebrities like Rihanna. But if you do not dare with this Gothic look, you can choose the colour China MakeUp Pen Packaging Designer Manufacturers wine, garnet or chocolate brown.

Remember that makeup with these lipsticks should be done with great care so that there are no gaps. Therefore, the lips should be meticulously outlined, always from the centre to the sides in the upper part and vice versa in the lower lip.However, if your lips are not so dark, this autumn is still the most natural looks trend, with nude finishes.

This is achieved thanks to transparent gloss and nude colours, ideal for a second skin makeup or transparent skin for the day.A colour that can never be missing in a toilet bag is the classic red. In fact, there are different ranges of reds that adapt to your style and the makeup you wear at this moment. This tone can be used both for an office look and for a more sensual one at night, so it is a safe bet.

One of the main trends of makeup for this fall-winter is the metallic shades, which have also reached our lipstick, and that are usually accompanied by dark finishes. In addition, the glitter also makes way for both eyes and lips, playing well with fantasy makeup, fun, daring and original.Do you already have your favourite lipstick? What is the look you like the most? All these new makeup and beauty to be the latest this season can be found at the best price at our online store.


allergies with these creams

Nowadays, you can find many big brands and companies selling chemically-enhanced body care products that guarantee to do wonders to your skin and hair. You even see some television commercials that showcase how you can become beautiful and get natural glow in just a few days by using these products. There is something or other that these brands keep on doing to lure customers and make high revenue. But, is there any truth to what they claim? We don&China Cosmetic Pen Packaging Manufacturers39;t think so.

No matter what advanced chemicals they use, no product can replace natural body lotion made from herbal ingredients that are renowned for skin treatment.Moisturizers made from organic ingredients is the Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin. You get smooth skin and can even heal skin allergies with these creams. However, there are some manufacturers who add # some harmful toxins in these products that can have an adverse effect on your skin. While buying organic skin cream, you must check the label and ensure that it is free from such harmful chemicals.

These ingredients include:DMDM HydantoinAlthough It is used commonly in skin creams as an antimicrobial agent, you must prefer the ones which are free from this chemical substance as it releases formaldehyde, also called carcinogen. It can cause irritation in eyes and on the skin if provoked reaction. Moreover, there are chances of stressing the immune system, thereby causing skin allergies.

So, if you have doubt that your lotion containing DMDM hydantoin has some impurity, then it is formaldehyde that should be blamed.ParabensIt is the ingredient that you will find in almost all popular brands of beauty products, simply look for propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, isobutylparaben, or ethylparaben on the label. Surely, they are good to prevent bacteria and fungus to grow in your bottle of moisturizer, but they are also capable to cause hormone disruption and have a negative effect on the reproductive system. So, next time you find a chemical ending with 'praben,' just do not pick it at all.


found that more than half

Colors or pigments come from vegetables like beets, herbs like turmeric, and insects like cochineal. We do not China Jumbo Pen Packaging Suppliers enough lipsticks to be seriously worried, but lead is one of those elements which accumulate in our tissues and organs, and there is a possibility that the consequences of regular using of your favorite.

Fire Red' lipsticks might come back to haunt you in your old age. Mineral pigments are also used, based on titanium or iron oxide. Why should we really care if our lipstick is natural or not? If you had enough of this Chemistry 101, have a little more patience, your health might depend on it.After all, there is lead all around us, it is a natural element after all. call them 'unnatural' it sounds like they should be from outer space. Well, listen to this.

Now, what is wrong with lead, you will ask. There was a study in 2007 conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics , which found that more than half of 33 tested brands of red lipstick contained lead. It is not easy to find out what are our lipsticks made of. But there is a difference between natural lipsticks and others. So, no wonder it is very important to us that our lipsticks are made of high quality ingredients, that are, in fact, edible. The natural lipsticks contain ingredients like beeswax, or plant-based wax like carnauba, for the body, natural oils like chamomile, jojoba or sunflower, for smoothness, and, of course, colors, which are the whole point of lipsticks.

It is very possible that the manufacturers of lipsticks do not want us to know that lipsticks are actually very simple and that there is very little difference between them. Lead has been found to cause a number of health problems, such as learning to behavioral issues, and even possible miscarriages and hormonal changes. It is one of those secrets, like the ingredients of Coca Cola.Did you know that in her lifetime, an average woman eats about # 4 pounds of lipstick! Well, some of that we share with those we kiss, but mostly we just eat it.

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